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Debian Project seeks Hardware Donations

Von der Debian Mailingliste. Vielleicht hat jemand was brauchbares. Danke!

„The Debian project is looking for sponsors for two new official
services: snapshot and data archives.  Both services utilize large
amounts of data and therefore require a capable machine with a large
disk array that provides 10 TB of disk space to start, with the ability
to be easily extended.  We’d like interested sponsors to contact

The Debian project is hoping for an independent storage array that can
be extended or upgraded without having to reconfigure the hardware of
the server attached to it.  A disk shelf based SATA SAN seems ideal for
this application.  We envision needing to start with roughly 10 TB of
storage to cover known archives.  12 x 1 TB SATA drives seems like an
ideal compromise between price and capacity.