Bring HTML5 Web Delivery to LiveCode

It seems that this is actually becoming a crowd funding blog right now. I have one last campaign I would like to present you. Some of you might remember the LiveCode Kickstarter campaign from last year where I got involved a bit. I am using LiveCode Community on a regular basis now and therefore have quite some interest for the new campaign to succeed since this new one will bring us HTML5 deployment from within LiveCode! Or as the guys at RunRev tell us „Web delivery will provide the ability to output your LiveCode applications into modern web browsers. It will allow a fully faithful representation of your application within the browser environment. It uses HTML5 so it does not require a browser plugin. You will be able to author true Web Apps with LiveCode.“

The campaign runs for another 21 days and is already on about $60k pledges. Still some way to go up to $395k so LiveCode really can use your support!

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