PocketScan by Dacuda on Kickstarter

Today I got the chance to visit Dacuda’s headquarter as part of a project which I will be writing about later on.

Dacuda launched their Kickstarter campaign a few days ago with the aim to collect $ 50k to support development and production of their latest product PocketScan. Bascially the smallest wireless scanner out there.

By now they are somewhere above $ 270k and still going on for 20 more campaign days. I guess that’s what you call a success that even TechCrunch, NZZ and some other big players noted. A few days ago I also participated to their campaign and am looking forward to receive my PocketScan device before christmas.

Due to some lucky circumstances I got the chance to see and try the prototype today and I must say it does work very nicely already, even though there is still quite some testing time ahead. However, this does surprise me only partially since Dacuda is also the company who inventend the scan mouse which is sold worldwide by their manufacturing partners.

PocketScan -- Kicktraq Mini

I am not going to recommend to spend all your savings on this product but if you were looking for a portable scanner – well, have a look!

Hopefully I will be able to show you the second part of this post soon. No worries, I am not employed or going to invest big money into Dacuda.. ;-)


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