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    Charly and Evelyn’s Table in Edinburgh

    brot 300x204 Charly and Evelyns Table in EdinburghAfter reading their supper club blog for a while and signing up for the mailing list a few months ago, we finally managed to get two of the much sought after seats at their table in their new family home. Even though it’s not Charly and Evelyn’s (Chris’ grandparents) table any more, which is too small for that many people, the new table in the new flat is no less promising. Having started Edinburgh’s first supper club in 2009 Rachel and Chris inspired at least 8 other families to try something similar.

    A supper club is nothing else like a restaurant in the hosts own flat and felt way more like visiting friends than eating out in a ‘regular’ restaurant. The food prepared by Chris – whose passion but not  job is cooking – was excellent and we enjoyed every last bit of it! Due to a lively discussion and the very enjoyable eating experience I didn’t manage to take pictures but you can find Rachel’s pictures here.

    If you ever get the chance to try a supper club – take it! It’s probably not the cheapest way to eat out but one of the best experiences and you wouldn’t get such a meal for such a price anyway!

    Btw, the picture above is my first self-made honey nut bread – inspired by Chris’s which I cannot match (yet ^^).

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